What are some specific examples of ways the Booster Club supports our programs?

Some examples would include funds to support team bonding activities, assisting with Senior Night ceremonies, funds to offset costs for competitions, invitational tournaments and other travel experiences.  Athletics and Activities are funded solely through admission ticket sales and through ASB card sales. That revenue is insufficient to provide more than the very basics for our programs.

What does the event ticket money go towards?

The ticket money collected at events is used to help offset the expense of holding the events. In some cases there isn’t ANY equipment, but there are still expenses. Renting a park to hold a cross-country meet costs money. Attending a wrestling tournament costs money. A new football jersey costs about $125. A new basketball is $60. It all adds up. Some other biggies: Transportation - $80,000 in an average year (not counting post-season travel). Officials – about $32,000 for the three regular seasons.  

Is there help for families that can't afford to participate?

Our athletic director and school administration are committed to NEVER turning a family away due to the inability to pay the participation fee. The district helps by providing a number of fee waivers.  To review qualifications and/or apply for waiving participation fees, click here.  If you do not qualify but still need assistance, please reach out to the program leader (Coach, Music/Band Teacher, Department Head) or Athletic Director for assistance.